Monday, April 13, 2009

Twitter's Top 10 Celebrities Include Obama, Armstrong

Lance Armstrong
Followers: 550,543

Armstrong "tweets" on a variety of subjects ranging from a stolen bike to what song he’s currently listening to. For those convinced that the seven-time Tour de France winner is a humorless, goal-driven machine, some of his missives toy with that image: "Just took a shower. Got it down under 10 mins. Whew."

John Cleese
Followers: 134,283

The former Monty Python comedian updates his Twitter site frequently and actually seems to respond to his followers. While Twitter’s 140-character limit allows little room for one of his iconic rants, he does manage to place the occasional zinger.

Al Gore
Followers: 523,035

Former vice president and Nobel-winning environmental crusader Al Gore updates fairly infrequently, but when he does, it’s generally to provide his followers with a micro-dose of climate crisis.

John Hodgman
Followers: 56,131

The PC guy in Apple's "I’m a Mac" ads, Hodgman's comments range from what’s going on backstage at the Daily Show to wishing his audience a "Happy Canadian April Fool’s Day."

David Lynch
Followers: 52,170

The storied filmmaker and the crown prince of weird updates his followers regularly on art exhibits, the weather in Los Angeles and whatever idea happens to be ambling through his brain at that particular moment. "Thought of the day: 42 seconds is a long time."

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