Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Make Every Minute Count - Job Search

By Marc Cenedella

Yes, the days are getting shorter. With the end of Daylight Savings time, we fall back into those early evenings that signal the approach of winter. It's colder, it's darker, and it feels like there are just fewer hours in each day – especially when you're devoting every one you can to your job hunt.

How can you make the most of these days? How can you make sure now that you'll be in a $100K+ job you love in 2009? The secret is time management, folks! Now's the hour to maximize your time spent on TheLadders:

1. Get your resume online and searchable now. It's the single most effective way to maximize the time you spend with us – and the time you're spending elsewhere. Look, while you're doing other things, your resume is out there advertising your candidacy to recruiters. Your resume allows the pre-screened recruiters in our database to find and contact you.

2. Make that resume the best document it can be. Don't waste time crafting applications, only to send in a resume that doesn't effectively sell you for the position you're applying to. Contact our experts for a free resume critique or a complete, professional rewrite. You can also brush up on resume best practices in our Career Advice section.

3. Apply to only the right jobs for you. So many people spend their time and energy trying to get recruiters' attention for the wrong jobs! Don't be one of these job hunters: Get your searches as narrow and specific as possible, and only apply to jobs for which you truly feel you're qualified. To find the jobs that are the right fit, use our advanced search features to set the right criteria.

4. Save your searches. Don't waste time entering in the same search criteria over...and over...and over... You can save up to ten searches to get to results in just one click. And...

5. Take it a step further with email alerts – get the results of each search emailed to you at a frequency that works for you. You'll get jobs that match the criteria for each of your searches sent directly to your inbox.

6. Work with our pre-screened recruiters – don't run your search by just applying to jobs. A single track isn't the most efficient. Be sure you're finding and contacting recruiters who specialize in your industry.

7. Stay organized! Use our My Jobs features to stay on top of your search. That way, you'll have specific action items each and every day to get you up and running, rather than floundering around for the first half hour getting situated.

8. Always be searching, and always be in the game. With your job search top of mind, you'll be prepped and ready to jump on potential opportunities wherever – and whenever – they arise.

We're leaving the light on for you, Readers! The future is bright indeed for those who are ready to seize every day. I'm rooting for you!

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