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The Leap of Faith - Smart New Year's Career Resolutions

Martin Yate CPC who is highly regarded as a career guru has provided an insightful post for Career Chatter for those in career flux. Martin Yate is an New York Times and an international bestselling author. His series of lifetime career management book Knock em Dead dynasties include: Knock 'em Dead Cover Letters; Knock 'em Dead Resumes and Knock 'em Dead The Ultimate Job Search Guide have been a source of knowledge and information for many decades.

Do read and absorb these words as their message is meant to provide comfort, inspire and strategically prepare for the New Year just around the corner. You will want to read them more then once, share them and then head to a library or the bookstore to pick up one or more of Martin Yate's learned books. To learn more about Martin visit his website,

Smart New Year's Career Resolutions:

The Leap of Faith

Everyone makes New Year's resolutions: we resolve to get a new job, make more money, win that promotion, but we rarely marry these desires with workable plans of action.

Typically Americans change jobs about every four years, and experiencing three or more careers changes that adds up to around 12 job changes over the span of a fifty-year worklife. Translation: professional change is a constant in your life. If you want your dreams to manifest this year, you have to do things differently.

The Leap of Faith

Believe in yourself and back up that belief with action. Make 2011 the year you replace blind loyalty to the corporation with loyalty to your own economic survival. Recognize that your next job maybe just a stop along the way; and of all the skills you have and all the skills you need to survive in this half-century worklife, the very weakest of all the skills you have, but the very strongest of all the skills you need are the skills of career management. Believe you can close this yawning gap between what you have and what you need and you can succeed in life.

Commit to Enlightened Self-Interest

You have to do things differently and that's to seriously commit to enlightened self-interest: make developing the means of your economic survival and personal fulfillment the center of your life. Start to think of yourself not as a person looking for a job, but as a company, MeInc., a financial entity that must maintain a steady cash flow over half a century. Think and operate as a corporation that always acts in the best interests of its survival and you can change the trajectory of your professional life.

The success of Me, Inc. depends on how well you run your company, which means that like every successful company, you must have products and services to sell today, and better ones to sell tomorrow. Translation: create ongoing initiatives for R&D, Strategic Planning, Marketing/Public Relations and Sales so that you know who you are selling to, what they are buying and how to reach your customers with the right message.

It all begins with Research & Product Development: Learning what's going on in your market and how to best respond for survival and growth. Your R&D department identifies and recommends the development of products and services with greatest appeal to your customers. Translation: the bundle of skills that make up the professional you are the products/services you develop and sell to your targeted customer base: those employers who hire people like you. Research & Product Development also works with all other departments so that every corporate initiative within MeInc.,operates with the latest intelligence.

Strategic Planning takes R&D's input and develops broad but specific initiatives for Marketing, PR and Sales, so that these departments in turn can develop the strategies and tactics that will keep MeInc., revenues flowing and growing. The Sales department exists to sell MeInc's products and services and will work on building new strengths in resume development and distribution, job search, interviewing and closing skills. Simultaneously Marketing & Public Relations will develop positioning strategies that promote your professional brand by
increasing your credibility and visibility throughout the professional community. Translation: Marketing & PR will work hard to develop the professional growth skills, and all the branding, career choice, career change and career management skills that help you navigate a 50-year worklife.

Change is constant in your professional world and no one really cares about your economic survival except you. It really is time to make the leap of faith to enlightened self-interest, because if you and believe in yourself and act intelligently on that belief you can change the trajectory of your professional life.

Martin Yate CPC

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