Thursday, February 19, 2009

101 Best Twitter Feeds for Job Hunters

Loyal Green Gigs readers know I have been on a mission to get them tweeting and to use it to their job hunting advantage. Well here you go folks, if my encouragement wasn't enough to get you to grab a Twitter account, then here are 101 other reasons to tweet (well maybe 100, I added Green Gigs as #101!). I have compiled a list of my favorite job tweeters - some tweet job listings, some are industry specific, some offer career advice, a few are recruiters, some are direct company listings, and others re-tweet or link to relevant articles for job hunters. There are hundreds (if not more!) of other great job tweeters out there, but I looked at the quality of the tweets over the blog or website they represent. The list is numbered, but not in any order of preference (after #1!).

Feel free to add your favorite job tweeters in the comments and see you in Twitterland!

21) indeed
31) linkup
33) jobnob
47) PRjobs
81) Yaaze
88) Jiibe
101) greengigs

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Tim Esse
Virtual Recruiter
Tech Recruiter

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