Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top 100 job search websites and categories

by eric shannon

This is the 2011 guide to the top 100 US job search categories. For each top employment category it lists the top 3 or 4 niche job search websites.
This guide excludes:
  • job sites that lack top Google rankings
  • sites with high Google rankings but low credibility, authenticity or integrity.
  • most sites which always require registration or paid membership to be useful
  • aggregators and job board networks like our own job search engines at JustJobs.com
This guide relies on my 14 years of experience running a top niche job board and dozens of hours of research.  As you’ve probably noticed, the Internet can be a cesspool (to use Google CEO, Eric Schmidt’s words). So avoid posting your job or resume the first place you come to. Remember the old saying “measure twice, cut once”. Look for websites with personality, that win meaningful awards, that are in the news, that publish a blog – whose credibility is clearly high.
What’s different or unusual this year in the search results?
  • more job sites owned by publishers for whom jobs is an extension like fashionjobs.com
  • more social network type sites such as firefighternation.com
  • want to see creativity? check out the flash sign up at exploretalent.com or site design at careersinmusic.com
  • fewer entrepreneur operated sites, more corporate and seo/affiliate entities
  • European job search Engines and Craigslist are making their way up
The top 30 job site niches. These rankings represent an average of 12 months search data at Google and are influenced by seasonal considerations as well as the business cycle — so take this top 30 for what it is, just a snapshot in time.
top 100 job board nichesIf this is in any way useful or interesting to you, please share it with your friends or link here if you’re a blogger! If the response is good, you’ll help me keep it going.  Without further ado, here are all 100 categories and their job boards arranged alphabetically:
  • association – site is operated by an association and/or nonprofit
  • freefree for employers
  • IAEWS - displays International Association of Employment Web Sites logo
accounting accounting jobs


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