Monday, June 20, 2011

Top 40 Career Experts on Twitter

by Adrian Granzella Larssen

Love Twitter? So do we. And what we love even more is connecting with others out there who help us bring the best career advice to young professional women like you.

So we’ve scoured the Twitterverse to bring you a list of experts who do just that. They range from big names you’re sure to recognize to lesser-followed, up-and-coming tweeters. But what they all have in common is a knack for tweeting interesting, relevant advice on getting the job, succeeding at work, and having a fulfilling career. Check out our 40 favorites!

Best All-Around

Alexandra Levit, named a best online career expert by Money, “helps people find meaningful work and succeed once they get there.” Tweets include tips like what to do with summer interns and how to communicate across generations.

This “international consulting company dedicated to the advancement of women” tweets issues, trends, and topics to help women achieve both professional and personal goals.

Monster’s “social networking community for career-minded women” tweets super- relevant tips like how to spot a toxic boss at the interview and how to minimize distractions at work.

Tweets by the site that pledges to be “your path to a beautiful career and a beautiful life” cover not just work, but money, life, and style topics, too.

The co-author of Nice Girls Just Don’t Get It gives sharp advice to help women stop being too nice and start being more successful.

@PYPro (of course)
Our Twitter stream will keep you in the loop on our “smart content for smart women.” Plus, join in our chats at #GenYJobs for answers on your biggest job-related questions (our next topic: résumé tips & tricks).

Look for the Rosie the Riveter icon for “humorous, tell-it-like-it-is advice” from Kelly Love Johnson, author of Skirt Rules for the Workplace: An Irreverent Guide to Advancing Your Career.

Fresh, funny, work-related content for professional women, from the serious issues (“Attention Women: the Media World Needs You”) to the lighthearted and cheeky (“Casual Fridays: Stripper Heels Are Meant For Strippers”).

Founder Diahann Boock takes seriously Madeline Albright’s warning, “there is a special place in hell for women that don’t help other women.” So she’s created a “dedicated place for women’s career advice” with great tips for workplace success.

Targeted at “people who want to be awesome at work,” this site’s tweets keep you informed on its own killer content (“How to Create Happy Employees” and “Workaholics Anonymous” are recent faves).

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