Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Warning: This video will make you hate your job more than you already do

By Stephen Chapman

It’s another Monday morning and you’re tired, your weekend was too short, and you probably uttered something close to the following last night: “I can’t believe I have to go back to that hell hole tomorrow.” Don’t you wish you could tell your boss how much the workplace sucks, even if you’re doing something you’re passionate about?

Back in the day, an employee telling their employer that they were unhappy in the workplace would have most likely afforded said employee nothing more than an “oh, I’m sorry; let’s go cry about it, shall we?” These days, it’s fairly well-understood that happier employees are more productive employees, but a vast majority of large corporations have a long way to go in the department of employee happiness.

With that in mind, companies like Google are paving the way to a model work environment with unheard of perks and niceties; thus, making themselves easily one of the most attractive companies to work for. To see what I mean — and to give you a reason to hate your employer about 100-times more than you already do — check out the video below to see just how much Google provides for their employees:

Check out the Video and the rest of the story

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