Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 Tips for a Flawless LinkedIn Profile

FACT: If brown is the new black, then LinkedIn is the new resume. It’s not enough just to have a profile, you need to leverage your profile’s design to ensure it sends the right personal branding message. Brand or BE BRANDED! In this session of Brand ME! on CAREEREALISM TV, J.T. shares 5 basic tips anyone can use in less than an hour to make sure their LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and making a good impression on the people viewing it. You’ll learn:
  1. Why recruiters are no longer posting jobs and doing proactive LinkedIn searches instead.
  2. How your lack of a picture is getting you discriminated against.
  3. Why you Summary could be turning off hiring managers.
  4. How your Work History could be saying you aren’t a good professional.
And much more! This is a must-view for anyone who wonders if their profile is helping or hurting their career.

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