Friday, April 1, 2011

48 Facebook Pages for Businesses

Facebook is not just a social forum to share pictures with friends anymore. Businesses are pushing traffic to their ecommerce sites, increasing brand awareness and now making sales on Facebook stores.

I looked at the top ten brands on Facebook with the most Fans as analyzed by All Facebook’s Page Statistics, an unofficial Facebook page tracker updated daily. The ranking data is current to Tuesday, March 22, 2011. Just browse the top brands on Facebook and study what they do — and don’t do — to help generate innovative ideas for your own company’s Facebook page.

I then observed the top celebrity and branded Facebook pages running Facebook stores to see how they run their individual stores.

In total, I looked at over twelve-hundred Facebook pages and pulled the most interesting and innovative pages either by ranking of total Fans or just for their news and practical advice.

Top 10 Brands on Facebook with the Most Fans

These pages are the top ten branded Facebook pages, but their true overall ranking ranges within the top fifty pages on Facebook. I removed celebrity, game and interest pages to distill this list down to only business brands. These top ten prove that you don’t necessarily have to sell anything on Facebook to make good use of the platform.
  1. Facebook. Facebook’s very own page is second only to a Zynga game app page on Facebook itself and although expected that Facebook would be highly ranked on its own platform, it does some interesting things on its page from live streaming of current events, live chat, a resources page with links to tips for businesses and developers and much more. Ranked 2 overall with 36.4 million Fans.
  2. YouTube. YouTube posts contests and Fan participation events like its recent “Life In A Day” personal video upload event as well as ranking of the top videos on its site from news to music to the bizarre – all of which can be easily shared and viewed right in Facebook. Ranked 6 overall with 29.5 million Fans.
  3. Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola’s Facebook page focuses more on the lifestyle of the brand’s users rather than selling anything at all on Facebook – it has dozens of pages for Facebook oriented events, Fan participation, virtual gift giving of digital Coca-Cola buttons of products to other Facebook users, music and even downloads – all for free. Ranked 13 overall with 23.7 million Fans.
  4. Starbucks. Features live streaming of Starbucks events, Starbucks job search, links to over thirty international Starbucks Facebook pages and more. Ranked 22 overall with 20.3 million Fans.
  5. Disney. Disney provides easy access to and easy-Liking of its dozens of branded Facebook pages, boasting a total of 144.4 million Fans across all of its pages. They offer free desktop wallpaper downloads, movie ticket buying for the latest Disney film in theaters, trailers and Fan discussion boards. Ranked 31 overall with 18.3 million Fans.
    Disney on Facebook.
    Disney on Facebook.
  6. MTV. One of the ultimate youth brands is also popular on Facebook with news from the entertainment sector, contests and game apps even a social network-oriented weight loss program for its Fans. Ranked 34 overall with 17.9 million Fans.
  7. Oreo. Several pages dedicated to Oreo cookie recipes, fun interactive Fan games where users can upload pictures of themselves as well as a call to all Oreo Fans to share pictures of themselves with the product. Ranked 35 overall with 17.4 million Fans.
  8. Red Bull. A clear lifestyle-oriented page, Red Bull has dozens of games for Fans to download and play, and videos and profiles of alternative sport athletes the brand sponsors — all for free. Ranked 43 overall with 16.4 million Fans
  9. Skittles. Featuring regular photo upload contests for Fans to win prizes, humorous posts on its wall news feed and more. Ranked 45 overall with 15.6 million Fans.
  10. Converse All Star. A simple page that mostly relies on pictures of the product and videos of artists, musicians and athletes that love the brand or are sponsored by it. Ranked 49 overall with 14.7 million Fans.

    Celebrity Facebook Ecommerce Stores

    These are five of the top celebrity pages with the largest amount of Fans on Facebook also operating Facebook commerce stores — all within the top fifteen overall Facebook pages with the most Fans.

    Facebook Pages 11 - 48 and Complete Practical Ecommerce Article

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