Monday, May 23, 2011

Jobety: A Job Search Tool for Web Developers and Designers

by Steve Gibson

Looking for a job can be nerve racking. I remember graduating college into the height of the dot com boom. Apprehensively I sent out cover letters and resumes, hoping against hope that I might somehow be selected. After a few interviews and rambling on about where I wanted to be in five years I found myself with a couple offers. Little did I know how easy we had it back then.

Nowadays things are much harder. With the slow down in the economy people have been scrambling to find a job. Whereas my initial interviews were more like pulse checks and introductions, now companies scrutinize every candidate. Every ‘i’ must be dotted and ‘t’ crossed to find a job in this economy.

Jobety Home
Jobety Home

Job boards have been the haunts of those who find themselves out of work. Most of them include every type of job imaginable. Candidates typically only want one type of job though. We’re either software engineers or sales people, but not both. For the former case, Jobety was founded. It’s a web development job search engine that is built strictly for web designers and developers.

One of the problems with looking for a job is you need to go to all the major sites to check and see what’s available. By navigating to Jobety you can enter the types of skills you have and your location, and it will return results from a variety of sites. It gives you a quick overview of up and coming work in you area.

Jobety’s web design job search engine gives you a few filtering options to make it easier to sift the results. First is filtering based upon the date the job was posted. It allows you to indicate how far back you’d like the search results to go. Next is to adjust the distance you’re willing to travel. One thing about working office jobs that I’m dead set against is commuting. There’s no single way to better evaporate one’s time than sitting in a car going to and from work. Hence, I’ve resolved to always move closer to the office in order to reduce the commute. Now, if you’re riding a motorcycle then that’s a whole different story, but I digress. Once the results are displayed Jobety lets you sort them based upon relevance, date, or distance.

Once you’ve found a few positions that look interesting you simply click on them and it takes you out to the site. Jobety’s job is complete. From there you can follow up through whatever protocol provided by that particular job board. Beyond that you only need be perfect in every way for the next 3-6 weeks to be welcomed into the ranks of the employed.

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