Wednesday, January 6, 2010

11 Twitter Tips - Job Search in 140 Characters

Guest editorial by Phil Rosenberg, ReCareered

Twitter is a fast growing tool, now being used for more serious purposes than advertise what you had for lunch. However, Twitter is a firehose of information, making it overwhelming for both the noobie and experienced user to find relevant information, or encourage relevant people to find your own information.

So how can job seekers make Twitter a part of their search strategy?

Getting found on Twitter: Recruiters and HR reps are now on Twitter looking for talent. In addition, Tweets are now indexed by Google, giving savvy candidates more visibility with recruiters and HR reps who search Google for candidates. Here are some ways you can encourage others to find you Twitter:

1. Tweet your resume: Store your resume online (suggestions: your ResuBlog or Online Portfolio,, Google docs). Then tweet links along with industry information if you are a stealth candidate, or a statement that you are looking and some key words (ex: Java programmer) if you are active. Even stealth candidates can use this, since Twitter uses link shorteners, so the link you broadcast won’t contain the word resume or your name.

2. reTweet industry articles: This is Twitter’s way to “pass it on”. reTweeting industry articles is especially effective for passive job seekers who want to be found, but not be seen as an active job hunters by a current employer. As Tweets are now indexed by Google and can’t be erased once Tweeted, a direct statement that you’re “looking for a job” may be risky for stealth candidates.

3. Tweet your own articles or comments: Even if you don’t blog, if you comment, sending a Twitter link to your blog posts or comments shares the discussion with others, including industry recruiters.

4. Build a list: Build an industry list (see If you are a Customer Service Manager, build a list of other customer service people, companies and recruiters. Tweet that you’ve built an industry list, and offer to share with others.

5. Use Hashtags: Hashtags allow others to easily find your Tweets. Use hashtags with industry terms if you are stealth or job search terms (see below) if an active candidate. Hashtags can also serve as keywords for Google searches.

Read Tips 6-11

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