Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Job Search Apps For The iPhone

Apps offer mobile job listings but little else to would-be applicants

So you’ve joined the growing ranks of the unemployed. Obviously, you’re not alone. You need to find a job soon, though, because you need to pay your monthly data charges and, unfortunately, you cannot eat your iPhone or your iPod touch. Turns out, you don’t have to. But you can look for gainful employment. The beauty of job-finding applications for your handheld is you can hunt for a new gig while you’re waiting in line at the unemployment office.

The downside is the experience may be more depressing than actual unemployment.

On the Job:’s Jobs app offers a functional interface but no value if you also happen to be a CareerBuilder client.’s Jobs app for the iPhone and iPod touch lets you search the 2 million or so listings on the largest job site in the United States. The interface is simple—not beautiful, but functional. It gets the job done, more or less.

Jobs will let you search by ZIP code, city and state. You can also use your device’s built-in GPS or geolocation features to find job openings in your proximity. You can turn this feature off and on from the device’s main Settings menu or from the app’s search screen. Naturally, you need some sort of Internet connection to use the app. You can search by job title and keyword, and read job descriptions and requirements. You can also save jobs to a Favorites list.

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