Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Resume Templates Resume Help with a Creative Twist

Job seekers look for interesting ways to stand out to potential employers, and interactive resumes and web portfolios are a great way to maintain a living, current work archive that is easily accessible.

A new player in this space is Magntize.

Magntize has created a simply to use, combination vCard-resume application that can have an individual’s information on the web – with a personalized domain – in minutes.

Customizable Templates for Job Search

One of Magntize’s key attractions is the library of creative templates available. Each template includes areas for keywords, contact information, an image, multiple link fields to websites of choice, a Bio/Resume area, and a vCard download.

While the basic, free package has attractive templates to choose from, the Pro version ($9.00 per month), has a broader range of premium themes that are stunning in design and simplicity, and include a resume download capability, email forwarding, a custom domain, and an RSS Feed. The Pro version also includes an iPhone/iPod touch site feature.

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