Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The 10 NEW Career Commandments

By CAREEREALISM Founder, J.T. O'Donnell

QUESTION: Imagine a world with no job postings. I mean ZERO. No websites with positions listed of any kind. Would you know how to find a job?
This is the question I pose to all job seekers today. In an uncertain economy, you need to “learn to fish” if you want to stay employed. Just ask the millions of job seekers who have applied to 100s of jobs on-line and heard nothing back. A new, better way to find work is their dream.
Competition for Jobs is Not Going to Lessen Anytime Soon
Right now, we have 15M+ unemployed, 5M+ underemployed and an estimated 60M+ who hate their jobs and plan to leave when the economy recovers. The problem is – this is a jobless recovery. Which means, the competition for work is going to stay fierce.
We Forgot to Evolve - Our Approach to Career Success is Outdated
One contributor to the increase in the length of unemployment in the U.S. (currently hanging at 7+ months), is the lack of knowledge on the right way to define and pursue career success. It’s also the reason so many folks don’t like what they are doing for work. In short, in the process of leaving the industrial age and entering the information age, we forgot to learn the new rules to job search and professional development.
FACT: Nothing feels worse than losing a game because you didn’t understand the rules, right?
It’s Time for the Truth
I wrote a FREE e-book you can grab HERE. In it, I outline and provide evidence to support the 10 NEW career commandments savvy professionals are leveraging right now to find career success in an uncertain economy. Everyone deserves the chance to learn what it really takes to find career satisfaction on their own terms.
Not Everyone Will Get It – That’s Good for YOU!
I recognize not everyone will apply the action steps in the book - that’s okay. You actually don’t want everyone to embrace the concepts. Just ask all the members of our Career HMO. You see, they’ve had access to these teachings for awhile. In fact, they’ve also been coached by career experts directly to help them leverage the commandments. These members know the truth: Using the 10 NEW career commandments has given them almost an unfair advantage against other job seekers.
Download FREE Copy & Get a Special Invite
If you download a FREE copy of the e-book, a few days later I will send you a special invitation to attend a FREE, private career session. It will give you a chance to get your questions answered about the book. I want anyone who reads this book and takes it seriously to have the chance to get expert advice to apply the concepts. So, I hope you download your copy and join me.

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