Thursday, September 9, 2010

How To Find a Job Before The Job Description is Written

- Jim Stroud

One sure way to get a jump on your job hunting competitors is to apply for work before the job description is even written.  How does one do that? Simple. Look for news stories that feature companies that are planning to make massive hires! More than likely if a company is going to hire hundreds of people at a time, they are not going to post those hundreds of jobs on job boards at once (especially in this economy).
What then? Network with people who work at those companies and send in your resume ahead of time to Recruiters. In this way, you get to be among the first in line.
Food for thought, check out the news stories below:
100+ Jobs pending in Cary, North Carolina
500+ Jobs pending in Dallas, TX
20+ Jobs pending in Saginaw, MI
100+ Jobs pending in Orlando, FL
240+ Jobs pending in VA
Jobs pending in Costa Mesa, CA
80 Jobs pending in CA
600 Jobs pending in Ohio

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