Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Top Six Ways to Ruin Your Job Search

During the deepest part of the recession, job seekers found it was easier to spot a unicorn hanging out with a leprechaun than to find an open position. With indicators pointing to a slow economic recovery, candidates know there's no room for error when searching for upcoming employment opportunities. Snelling Staffing - The Wyckoff Group (TWG) is reminding job contenders not to be "their own worst enemy" and is releasing the "Top Six Ways to Ruin Your Job Search."

"There are a lot of qualified candidates looking for work right now," says Frank Wyckoff, President of Snelling Staffing - TWG. "They need to be aware that every detail counts during their job seeking efforts."

Wyckoff states six of the most common areas where candidates are unknowingly sabotaging their own search:

1) What's LinkedIN? - LinkedIN is a powerful tool when seeking employment, so it's important to be signed up and actively using this networking site. Group discussions and job boards are effective ways to locate and connect with Hiring Managers. Make sure your profile is completely filled out, up to date and includes your resume, recommendations and samples of your work. Also, be sure to join groups related to your work.

2) Facebook Status Update: Look at my party pictures! If a Hiring Manager is interested in interviewing you, they are likely to do their homework. Make sure your Facebook profile portrays you in a professional light and doesn't include inappropriate pictures. Playing it safe and using a more conventional picture for your headshot and strict privacy settings is the smartest way to go.

3) There's no eror, oops I mean, error on my resume! - Having a strong resume that demonstrates and quantifies your professional capabilities and accomplishments is imperative to your job search. However, if you don't proofread your resume, even the tiniest error will stick out like a sore thumb. If you don't take your resume seriously, a Hiring Manger won't take you seriously.

4) I hate to network... - Every time you step out in public, there's an opportunity to meet someone who knows of an open position. Strike up conversations about employment wherever you go and have a 30-second elevator speech prepared stating what you're looking for and why you're a great candidate.

5) Please ignore my low-cut T-shirt. - If you are fortunate enough to make it to the interview stage, you better look the part of a professional. Make sure you dress conservatively and are well-groomed.

6) Interview Rehearsal - Get interviewed by at least three recruiters. Rehearse your answers to five good questions they asked to help prepare for the actual job interviews.

"As the economy improves and more positions become available, it's important to stay on top of your job-search skills," adds Wyckoff. "It's critical to recognize and improve all aspects of finding and chasing down employment opportunities."

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