Monday, September 27, 2010

140 Blogs on HR and Recruiting


I recently commented on a blog post on XpertHR from Michael Carty about UK HR Bloggers. My comment related to:
1: What constitutes an HR blog
2: The lack of HR Practitioners blogging (I don’t know more than 10 globally)
3: Why that might be.
It provoked quite a discussion. I’m all in favour of consultants (I’m one), vendors, event organisers etc etc blogging. They quite often have an area of expertise that supersedes practitioners. That’s why they get paid for what they do.
Most people with something to sell, blog. I think that is quite right, and the best way to share their expertise and show case their talents. for many, it’s how they get their business.
Provided you don’t write a brochure and you’re not afraid to state a view, you will attract a following who will spread your message as well as a few customers along the way.
By my definition, these are corporate blog and represent about 95% of the blogs out there. Perhaps this comes from a willingness to invest time, research and money, as well as the discipline to blog in order to get a return. I’ve reached a decision that a corporate blog should not be a term of endearment, as most of the blogs I read are in one way or another corporate. A corporate blog rarely means an advert, unless there is a PR company behind it.
The call to action was to list the HR or HR related blogs that you read in order to build a list. i could think of 30 or so off the top of my head, but to make the list accurate I went back over the blogs I have either bookmarked or liked over the last month. The list totals 140 and I’ve listed them all below. I have not included any from outside of HR or Recruiting, or the list would be twice as long.
The thing that I picked up from the list is:
1: All the blogs came to me via social-media. Principaly Twitter but also networked blogs on Facebook and Linked In. i have been tracking this for another post. 45% were referrals from others and 55% direct links. This shows the importance of being active in social in order to spread your message. I’m a grazer rather than a subscriber, and come to most material on impulse clicks. I only follow25 blogs by subscription.
2: What entices me to click a link is either a blogger I know or the title in the link. Think of this when deciding on your title, would you click on it?
3: I have met 92 of the bloggers in person at least once and talked to another 30 on the phone. relationship with audience is key in blogging.
4: I have recommended these blogs at least twice to others. Engage and encourage those who share your links. For me, that means asking for comments and feedback via twitter or Facebook. Personally, I take no notice of you saying thanks for the RT.
Before you look at any other blogs, please take a look at my recently launched blog “Social Job search.” Feedback and comments would be really welcomed.
I’ve not provided descriptions, only the URL’s. give each blog one look to see what it is all about. If I’ve missed you out, feel free to add your blog in comments.
Trish McFarlane – HR Ringleader –
Paul Smith – Welcome To The Occupation -
Jon Ingham – Strategic HCM Blog –
Kevin Grossman – L3 blog (with others) -
Benjamin McCall – Rethink HR -
Lis Wilson – HRConnexions -
Peter Gold – Hire Strategies -
The HRD (He who should not be named) – My Hell Is Other Peoples –
Charlie Judy – HRFishbowl –
Laurrie Ruettiman – The Cynical Girl (Her NEW blog) –
Rich Dematteo – Corn On The Job -
Voice Of HR – Voice Of HR (Blogging/SM Collective) –
The Buzz – Newsletter from Keith Robinson –
Jessica Miller-Merrill – Blogging4Jobs –
Jobsite – Insider –
Fistful Of Talent – HR Blogging Collective –

Read the original article and the rest of the 140 blogs

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