Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

by Neicole Crepeau

If you have a small or medium-sized business, you should take the time to create a basic presence on LinkedIn. 36.5 million people visit LinkedIn every month, and LinkedIn results appear in Search, one more opportunity for your business to get seen.
To build your LinkedIn presence, take the following steps:
  • Create your company page
  • Optimize each employee’s personal profile to promote the company
  • Have each employee “link” to the corporate page

Create Your LinkedIn Business Page

To create your page, log into LinkedIn. Then, in the menu bar, under Search, enter your company name and select Company from the dropdown. Click the Search icon to search for your company.
Hopefully, your company page isn’t already taken. If it is, you’ve got a problem and you’ll need to contact LinkedIn if you should rightfully own that name. Or use a variation for your company name, “Inc” versus “Corp” and so on. When you have a unique name, click the Add a Company link to create your corporate page.
On the Add a Company page, enter the company name and an email associated with it. Check the box to verify you are a representative of the company. You’ll be sent an email and will need to open it and click the link to verify the account. Then, you can enter information about your company. To create your profile, you’ll need:
  • A list of company specialties (keywords for which you want to be found)
  • The blog or feed URL for the company
  • The corporate website’s URL
  • The Twitter handle for the company or the employee whose tweets you want to appear (if you’re on Twitter)
  • Basic information about the company: number of employees, address, founding year, etc.
  • A logo graphic to upload
When you receive your email, click teh link to go to your page. Enter the information you’ve gathered and upload your logo.

Adding Products & Services

You can create separate pages for each of your products or services, describing them. For each product or service, you’ll need:
  • A paragraph description of each product/service
  • An image for each one
  • A bulleted list of features or differentiators
  • A URL to link to for each particular product or service
  • If you have a promotional (such as a discount or free service), you’ll need a description and a URL for it
  • If you have a YouTube video for this product/service, grab the URL for it
  • Any disclaimer for this product/service
To create a product or service page, go to your company page and follow these steps:
  1. In the tabs, select Products & Services.
  2. Click the Add a product & service button.
  3. Use the wizard-like form to add your product or service.
  4. On the right, add the URL of the landing page for this product/service.
  5. Add contact information—who in your company to contact about it.
  6. Add any special promotions, and any videos.

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