Sunday, April 11, 2010

Is Twitter better than LinkedIn for Job Seekers?

Once upon a time, long, long ago (which in the social media sphere is abouttwo months ago!) I was sure that LinkedIn was THE most valuable social media site for job seekers.

Today, it's definite that I'm unsure!

I would never make an argument that job seekers rely on only one site, but if I had to pick one platform as being absolutely crucial for the job seeker, I might now suggest Twitter.

"Is the man mad?" I hear you ask, while my long-suffering wife simply wonders, "Why do you even ask?"

Twitter: Best Real Time Source for Jobs

Here's why you have to be utilizing Twitter in your job search. Twitter provides you with THE best real time source for jobs that suit your job brief and it allows you to get your resume in early. Some recruiters admit that they review resumes on a chronological order and stop reading once they have 8-10 top class resumes. Understandable if you receive 500 plus resumes / job applications. Thus, in today's incredibly competitive environment, simply getting your resume in on time may not be in time!

Numerous major employers are tweeting job openings. As of 10.00am on 4/05, Abbott (608 open jobs via has tweeted openings for Global Product Manager, Patent Assistant, Electro Mechanical Technician and numerous others. You just hit the link and you are taken directly to the online application.

Sears has opted to use TweetmyJobs as its primary social media conduit. You will find 9 Sears entities when you search, including Sears Holdings Management Corporation which currently lists jobs like Lead Systems Engineer, Brand Manager – Craftsman, Multi-Channel Operations Manager.
Other major companies using Twitter include IBM, McDonald's, Deloitte, Accenture. Interestingly, while Pepsi is using Twitter for job postings, I could find no reference to Coca Cola.

Apart from, other sites worth looking at include

Note: Twitter is a fabulous tool for disciplined information gathering as above indicates. Once you register with Twitter (which is necessary to access other Twitter related sites), you do not have to send any 140 character tweets or even accept any tweets from others. So don't get bogged down by all the drivel that is out there, but do register for Twitter. Oh, keep it going on LinkedIn also.

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