Tuesday, April 20, 2010

39 Most Popular Facebook Pages In The World for Job Search

Learn where so many job seekers are going on Facebook for leads, job search tips, company research and more.


How to use this list

  • Each row shows how many fans that page has right now, and mentions which language is used regularly on that page besides English.
  • A country flag means that page is for people in that country only while the globe icon (International) means a page with international scope e.g. job listings for multiple countries.

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On to the list…


jobs in indonesia facebook page Indonesia Jobs in Indonesia – 179,168 fans, English/Indonesian – official page of the large jobindo.com job board in Indonesia, it’s just a lot of job listings. There’s only a little bit of English used in the job descriptions here but this page was too popular not to include in the list.


CareerBuilder facebook page United States CareerBuilder - 90,527 fans – the main Facebook page for CareerBuilder (CB), this corporate page is mainly used to publicize articles from their (good) The Work Buzz blog and to announce CB-sponsored and CB-hosted events. Funny- under their Boxes tab, CB claims to have the “largest job search employment & careers page”. Oops.


Ernst and Young Careers facebook page International Ernst & Young Careers – 41,341 fans – official page for Ernst & Young, there’s a lot of information about the company for targeting purposes. Not much of an attempt to build a community, as the few moderator responses mostly just point people to their website’s job listings.


Petroleum and Petrochemical Jobs facebook page Indonesia Petroleum and Petrochemical Jobs – 32,663 fans – job listings in Indonesia for the oil & gas industry.


CareerBuilder Healthcare Jobs facebook page United States CareerBuilder Healthcare Jobs – 28,861 fans – Unlike the main CareerBuilder page above, this one seems to have been created with the idea ‘if you build it, they will come’ but aside from links to its sites and a few job postings on the Wall, most of the (high) activity is from other people posting healthcare job listings. The only fan page whose fan numbers went DOWN while this list was being compiled.


Verizon Wireless Careers facebook page United States Verizon Wireless Careers – 21,115 fans – not too many job listings on this recruitment page for Verizon, but the Wall does have many people asking questions about their jobs and getting responses from the company recruiters. Very much aimed at college grads and grads-to-be, there’s a lot of content here. Verizon’s doing a great job with their page to announce events and just build their employment brand well.


Jobs au Maroc facebook page Morocco Jobs au Maroc – 17,913 fans, French only – job listings in Morocco.


Career Network facebook page United States Career Network – 15,723 fans – official page of the Career Network job boards, the Wall mostly lists job search news while getting a lot of reaction from community members. A good place to discuss job search.


CareerBuilder Finance Jobs facebook page United States CareerBuilder Finance Jobs – 14,908 fans – another shell of a Facebook page from CareerBuilder, this page was created with the same disappointing formula as the CareerBuilder Healthcare Jobs above, albeit while containing finance-related jobs in this case.


Ernst and young Careers Australia facebook page Australia Ernst & Young Careers – Australia – 13,376 fans – this official page is a great place to connect with recruiters at Ernst & Young Australia, who do a good job responding to queries.


Jobs Vacancy Lowongan Kerja facebook page Indonesia Jobs Vacancy – Lowongan Kerja – 13,253 fans – job listings in Indonesia, they also have a nice list of scholarships for Indonesians.


Resumark facebook page United States Resumark.com – Get Paid to Post Your Resume – 11,796 fans – Mostly job search tips and Q&A about the Resumark service, the moderators are quick to reply.


Microsoft Careers facebook page International Microsoft Careers – 11,890 fans – this very well-planned page is where Microsoft recruiters reach out to everyone on Facebook. The Wall is mostly people asking questions and getting responses directly from Microsoft- cool, but the many other tabs are all actively used too.


Hyatt Hotel and Resorts Careers facebook page International Hyatt Hotels and Resorts Careers – 11,761 fans – very active official page for Hyatt Hotels and Resorts. If you’re interested in working for them, get onto this page. Great work by the Hyatt people here.


NACHE Indonesia Hospitality Career facebook page International NACHE Indonesia Hospitality Career – 10,917 fans – although this is the page for an Indonesian website, most of the job listings are for Arab countries.

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