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Job Tips – Finding a Job When You’re Over 50 – Melding the Old With the New

If you’re over 50 and currently looking for a job in this time of economic downturn, then you’ve probably already either experienced, or heard about, how difficult it is to even get an employer to look at your resume due to your age. It’s almost becoming a cliche – employers don’t seem to want to hire older workers.

This is unfortunate, because older workers have years of on-the-job experience and can really contribute a lot to a company that needs to improve a certain area of their operation. The fact is, there’s now a glut of people looking for a job over 50 years of age. So, if you’re in that category, you’re competing with thousands of others for slim pickings.

In the future, more jobs will be created as the U.S. slowly moves its way out of the current age of confusion and job cutting. It may not seem like it now, but there will come a day when all ages of workers will be welcomed back into the workforce. However, right now, the country is still reeling from the shock of economic meltdown and the immense shedding of jobs that will never return.

But, of course, you already know this. You’re sitting there wondering how are you going to pay your bills and feed yourself and your family in the here and now. Let me just say, that the last thing you should do is become despondent and give up. Instead, accept the fact that your job search is going to be a challenging one, and you’ll need to be aggressive in finding opportunities to earn a living.

What Can You Do for the Employer Now?

At this stage in life, you’ve maybe gone through multiple jobs and done a multitude of different job tasks. That’s to be expected, but that’s all water under the bridge. When you are working on your resume, don’t give employers a litany of things you’ve done over the past 20 years. Instead, keep things current by telling them actions you took in your last position that helped your previous employer increase efficiency, get more customers or make money.

Employers want to hire employees that can be effective for their bottom line. So, you need to know what your more recent experience can do for a future employer. If you’ve had some recent career training classes, this will also help in making you look like you’re someone who is employable in this day and age, as well as, bring real value to the table.

Are You on the Social Networking Bandwagon?

These days, you not only want to use traditional means to conduct a job search, but you should also be plugged into the current online networking community. There are several popular networking sites where 50 something folks are welcome to join. In fact, being included in an online social network means you’re more likely to find those hidden job openings that are just right for your particular skills.

You can also start your own social network group or create your own blog around a certain topic. This activity keeps you current and shows employers that you’re on the ball with the whole web 2.0 trend.

Get in Shape and Spruce Up Your Look

While there’s no way you’ll be able to hide your age, you can do things that will make you appear younger than you are. Start paying attention to your personal health and do things to get your energy level up. If you’re feeling slouchy and slumpy, this will come across to potential employers, and they won’t even be interested in talking to you.

To quickly get your energy going, start exercising regularly and improve your eating habits. Also, be sure to get plenty of rest. You want to still feel youthful and invigorated so that you can show employers that you may have more years, but you’re just as ready to get the job done as any 20-something.

Update your wardrobe so that you look fresh and current. Also, if you’ve been wearing the same hairstyle for ten or more years, it’s time to get something new. If you’re a guy who has a comb over, or is significantly balding, consider shaving your head clean for a more modern look.

Adjust Your Attitude

This isn’t the time to be a wallflower or bitter about your circumstances. Remember, you’re constantly putting out energy to the universe. If your energy is negative, you’ll get back negative things. If it’s positive, then the sky’s the limit. Yes, getting a job over 50 years of age isn’t easy, but if you stay positive and visualize yourself working at your new job, then one day very soon, you may be enjoying a new work experience, and a new chapter in your professional life.

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