Wednesday, June 2, 2010

5 Things That Ruin Your Reputation on LinkedIn!

As social media continues to strengthen its hold on the internet landscape, businesses are increasingly adopting social media platforms as key revenue channels. And LinkedIn by far, is the most professional platform when it comes to online networking. Unlike, social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace that is fair amalgam of personal plus business motives, LinkedIn focuses on letting users create a professional online resume for themselves and network out with professionals of the industry.

This gives businesses and entrepreneurs tremendous opportunities to market their businesses. You can form a staunch relationship with millions of prospective clients and customers and solidify your brand without spending a dime. However, as with everything else… There has to be a strategic marketing plan here as well. Without this, you can just end up embarrass yourself or worse, cause damage to your company’s reputation.

So, here are 5 things that you SHOULDN’t be doing on LinkedIn:

1. Treating your Profile as a Marketing Newsletter

LinkedIn is all about subtle marketing! And any attempts of blatant self-promotion will do more harm than good! So, if you promote your products and services on your profile page, you will definitely turn off people. Remember, your profile is not where you brag about your business. A better approach would be to ask your network i.e. your past clients and customers to write positive reviews about your business. This will go a long way to increase your credibility and reputation in the eyes of prospects.

2. Promoting your Business on Groups & Forums

LinkedIn has an exception Question-Answers forums and groups that gives you incredible scope to address particular concerns and display your expertise. But one thing that you should absolutely refrain from it making sales pitches in the middle of a perfect conversation. People can see right through it and it will only serve to degrade your reputation. So, contribute only relevant information and establish your expertise.

3. Not Highlighting your Problem Solving Skills

One of the most common mistakes business owners make is they describe their products and services in great detail without illustrating their benefits for prospective clients. And herein they miss a great chance of being unique! Instead of writing at length about your offerings, focus on the challenges and issues that your business addresses. Talk about how your products and services can benefit your customers. This is the sole way of hitting it off with prospects.

4. Joining Too Many Groups

Its the typical case of ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth!’ Though you can attracts a lot of positive attention by taking part in groups discussions, if you join too many groups you’ll spread yourself too thin. You might not even have the time to monitor the conversation of all these groups and land up being no where. Instead, consider joining two or three of highly relevant group that are most likely to provide access to potential customers or partners.

5. Inviting Too Many Strangers

This is like spamming! If you invite too many people you don’t know, you might violate the policies of LinkedIn and pay for it. So, just don’t do it! Only invite people whom you know and if at all you want to add someone you don’t know, consider getting introduced to them through your network connections.

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