Thursday, June 3, 2010

How To Easily Keyword Optimize Your Linkedin Profile

Here’s a great way to maximize your Linkedin profile by replacing the default labels in the “Websites” area of your profile to display the keywords you use to promote your site:

Step #1: Sign in to your LinkedIn profile.

Step #2: Click over to Edit My Profile.

Step #3: In the Websites area either select [Edit] if you have already entered your site URLs or select “Add Websites” to enter your information in for the first time.

Step #4: Select the down arrow under the label pull down field (the default label is Choose).

Step #5: Select “Other.” This brings up an additional field “Website Title” where you can place your keyword phrase. The field allows for 30-characters so keep your title short. For my blog I entered the keyword phrase “Social Media Tips & Blogging.” For my portfolio site, I entered “Wordpress Customization.”

Step #6: Select “Save Changes”

Step #7: The next step is to confirm that this information is displayed in the public view of your profile. Select “Edit Public Profile Settings.”

Step #8: Make sure you’ve selected to show “Websites” in your public profile. You can view what your profile will look like to others (and the search engines) by selecting “View My Public Profile as others see it” which is located at the bottom of the blue box.

Now your website information will be keyword optimized and ready for the search engines to see.

Check out my public profile on LinkedIn and feel free to send me an invitation to connect!

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Annette Matzen is a social media specialist, budding blogger, and a freelancer who enjoys customizing Wordpress themes to fit the needs of small businesses. Check out Annette's freelance portfolio at TwoZen Productions or connect on LinkedIn or Twitter.
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