Thursday, June 10, 2010

4 in 10 Use LinkedIn For Business Purposes

According to a study by NetProspex and Rapleaf, 43% of the employees surveyed use LinkedIn for business purposes.
Most of which, I believe, are used for headhunting and employee validating. Promotion wise, business-to-business (B2B) marketers are actively seeking for potential partners and buyers.
With 70 million professionals on its site (and growing as you read), LinkedIn has slowly become an essential tool for employees, employers and marketers. On the flip side, this causes us to be increasingly pressured to beef up our LinkedIn footprint. Not only have social platforms made personal data “open”, our career track records are also widely available to anyone who searches through LinkedIn or Google.
social sites for business
While all the hype normally surround Facebook and Twitter, these sites are “less utilized” as they mainly offer advertising and communication opportunities. Companies do use Twitter for hiring but essentially still rely on LinkedIn for resume and validation purposes. This doesn’t necessary mean Facebook and Twitter are less capable or attractive. It simply highlights that different social site has its own strength. Understand where your audience are and mix and match for the optimum social strategy for your business.

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