Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The 101 Best Twitter Job Search/Career Experts Plus 6

I’ve had several complaints that my #FollowFriday Tweets of great career and job search Twitter accounts are overwhelming. So, this is my #FF list, consolidated and broken up by category. I’ve tried very hard not to leave off anyone who is making a great contribution, and agonized about leaving off several to keep the number to 101 of the most useful.

Many excellent career Tweeps are not included in this version of the list because they are not currently active or not on-topic right now (new baby, new job, vacation time, whatever).

And, there are many other popular Twitter accounts which provide a mix of content with “personality” and they are not included here. But, they could still be useful to you – it just depends what you want.

Note: This has been updated numerous times, and I will continue to update it.
March 21, 2011, is the date of the latest update.

Find all these Tweeps and more on Job-Hunt’s Job Search Experts Twitter List.

Who is included here:
  • These are the people I’ve judged best at providing good content in their Tweets and trying to help people with the job search/career management process.
  • These people Tweet regularly, on topic with new, fresh information.
  • For me, the signal-to-noise ratio is usually good – these people are not focused on self-promotion or sending many off-topic Tweets.
I am acquainted with many of the people in this list. I’m happy to say that several of these people have contributed articles to Job-Hunt, sharing more of their advice and expertise with the world. If they have,  currently are or soon will be, contributing articles to Job-Hunt, their names have been bolded. But, that wasn’t a requirement for inclusion, obviously.
If you have suggestions about accounts which should be added, or even deleted, let me know.
Keep coming back. I will post new versions of this every month, and, of course, this is Job-Hunt.org – there will always be more resources added soon.


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