Sunday, March 13, 2011

How I’m #winning with @CharlieSheen

From a social media perspective it has been interesting to watch the whole media swirl around Charlie Sheen.  Once you get past the “waiting for the train wreck” portion of it and see that he set a record for getting to a million Twitter followers in the shortest time and a record number of intern applicants I’m hoping that there is something beyond the frantic ravings about #tigerblood... 

Probably the thing that made me think that there might be something beyond craziness involved was his funny OR DIE #winning cooking sketch.  It was actually funny.  So I figure he either is a really good actor or that there is some thought process involved, either way it is a good sign.

This past week my blog included three articles that we about Charlie.  They generated 300 visitors for the blog.  That might not seem like a lot to most people but not too long ago 300 visitors would have been a good week for me.  Will these 300 visits translate into anything for me?  Probably not.  I don’t have ads or anything else to monetize the blog.  

So, how am I actually #winning with @charliesheen?

I got 300 extra visits to my blog.
I’m posting my first self generated content to my blog.
I’ve applied to be Charlie’s intern.

I actually did apply to be Charlie’s intern but since I am twice as old as I’m guessing the average applicant is I’m not too confident of making the first cut.

Why Charlie should pick me:
Experience - I actually have a real job and work experience with industry leading companies.
Social Media - I am the group owner and manager of LinkedIn groups with nearly 60,000 members.
Maturity - I’ve been around enough that if they are looking for someone with opinions and a long term perspective instead of star struck yes men I think I’d be a great addition to his team.

So there you go.  That is how I am #winning with @charliesheen  

I’ll have posted this right away Monday morning so that Charlie’s peeps will find it if they have some keyword searches set up and we’ll see if I make the first cut.

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