Saturday, March 26, 2011

How I’m #winning with Charlie Sheen - Updated

I was fortunate enough to make it to round three of the #tigerbloodinten selection process this week.  As a recruiter I would find it interesting to see how they cut the field from 80,000 to 250.  Round three’s task was to create a video on a specific social media topic and post it to YouTube.

I learned a couple of things while making the video.
  1. Being a talking head is harder than it looks
  2. I hope I come off more animated in person than I do on camera
  3. If the camera adds 10 lbs where did the other 20 or 30 come from
The reactions of my family and friends to my pursuing this internship had been varied. 
Some are: Why?  This is an understandable response as I already have a great job with one of the coolest companies on earth.  I think that this would be a really great opportunity to learn some new things and be on the ground floor of something that is still taking off.  Plus, I think my team is cool enough that they would let me take a leave of absence for the internship. 

Most are:  Wow that’s awesome.  It sounds like a once in a lifetime chance to learn some new things in an area that is really growing.  Of course I agree with them.

A few are:  An Internship?? Really?  My response to them is that you are never too old to learn more and to contribute.  I think one of the things that makes me unique is the varied work experiences that I’ve had and how I can bring that to any team.

After I leaned that I made the latest cut I tried to lock up a few pertinent social media names.  I got and it is now pointed to my WinningIntern blog and it has been getting some pageviews.  I also secured @BiWinningIntern from twitter.  I haven’t picked up too many followers there but I haven’t been doing the typical follow everyone and hope some follow you back strategy.  I have mostly been tweeting from it and then retweeting from my primary account.  I figure that when I become “The Intern” then it will take off.

That is where we stand as of today.  I hopeful / confident that I’ll make it to the next round and that I’ll be able to update you then.  In the meantime I’m including my YouTube posting and I’m hoping you’ll show it some love.


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  1. Substance is swell - my creative streak would have done something with the background and had you wearing one of Charlie's new t-shirt products. I totally want you to get this internship .... and touch the tigerblood! I am proud of you for really following through on this. Rock on Tim!