Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Personal branding gives workers an edge on keeping job

GREEN BAY — In a bumpy economy, holding on to your job has become a more artful task.

One of the keys is standing out, said Barbara Jordan, owner of AdvantEdge Success Coaching here.

"Toot your own horn," she said. "Don't wait for your leadership to notice what you have done or how much you are accomplishing. They may never notice unless you bring it to their attention."

Jordan has seen an increase in business in recent years as people look to increase their visibility — both those who are employed and the unemployed who are re-evaluating their career goals and aspirations.

"I present it as an opportunity to hone their skills and polish who, and what, they are and what they represent," she said. "Some people can see it as 'This is another thing I have to do. I'm spread thin already, ... ' but this is a preventative measure and is also an esteem-building exercise because you are evaluating what your strengths are."

Mandy Nycz, associate director of St. Norbert College Career Services in De Pere, Wis., tells students they need to go above and beyond expectations in the workplace — especially in this economy.

"You can't do just your job description anymore. You have to give more at your job; that's something a lot of employers look for," she said.

Like Jordan, Nycz said it's important for employees to track their workplace successes.

"You should always maintain a record of accomplishments," she said. "Let's face it, companies are having to do more with less in the current economy, and your boss may not always have the time to recognize what you have been up to and what you've been accomplishing."

Those lists can be helpful when completing an annual review.

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